India’s newest capital will be defined by its world-class educational institutions and universities.


Several hundred acres of earth and a long serpentine road leads into the designated zone for Andhra Pradesh’s new capital – Amaravati which is emerging from its rustic past and transforming into a world-class smart city. The vision of Chandrababu Naidu, the CM of Andhra Pradesh is to see Amaravati as a Navaratna City. An urban space that develops in several aspects, from technology to tourism. But it’s the higher education in Amaravati that will be one main facet which will define its future.

Social infrastructure is the key for any city to provide quality life to its citizens. According to the Indian Government, social infrastructure is one of the main pillars of a smart city. The main important component which helps develop social capital is quality higher education. It also enables a city’s citizens to take part in social governance.

Chandrababu Naidu knows this much better and hence his government’s main aim is to transform Amaravati into a knowledge hub with the main focus on education and research. His government is ensuring this by making Amaravati a conducive city for the establishment of world-class institutions. At Amaravati, the government has earmarked over 2100 acres of land just for educational institutes and has also encouraged tie-ups with various schools and universities from across the world.

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